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About us

RAS Creative Engineering Pty Ltd is owned by Roger Andreas Sallenbach, who carries out all principal engineering work. Roger has been working in the engineering environment for over 30 years. He began his career in Switzerland in 1993, by completing a 4-year apprenticeship to qualify as a Mechanical Design Draftsman. He proceeded to study Mechanical Engineering, from which he graduated with Honours in 2001. He also completed a Postgraduate degree in Business & Marketing in 2005.

Roger has been a Member of Engineers Australia since 2011. He is also a Chartered Professional Engineer CPE, is part of the National Engineering Register NER and is a member of the Register of Professional Engineers of Queensland RPEQ. In some Australian States it is a requirement to be registered as a Professional Engineer to sign-off on projects.

Roger has been working on mining equipment in Australia since 2008. Prior to this, he has gained significant experience to mass production and heavy-duty and navy gearboxes from his professional career in Switzerland. He was Engineering Manager at Schramm Australia for ten years before he decided to start his own contracting business.

Some of Roger's main achievements include:

  • Mud mixing sloop (hands-free setup, secured with container locks during transport, 4,000 litres mixing tank volume with active mixing blade).

  • Complete redesign of a common drill rig (widened and extended the base, used different main components (Funk box, cooler, air/oil compressor) and calculated the entire assembly). The drill rig was placed on a Tatra truck 8x8.

  • Auxiliary truck (Scania G410 B8) for compressor and booster including automated walkways on either side.

  • Verifications and improvements on a skip bin loader with a capacity of 19,000kgf

  • Maintaining and improving the very successful Schramm 685 (MAN and Mercedes 8x8) and verification of all major parts (up to 41,000kgf pullback)

  • Complete redesign and verification of Schramm 450 (Mercedes Arocs 6x6) drill rig (up to 13,600kgf pullback)

  • Complete design and verification of Schramm LoadSafe range 1 including design of heavy-duty clamp (23,000Nm torque)

  • Design and verification of several Schramm jib booms on top of existing mast structures (8,000kgf, 4,000kgf, 2,000kgf, 750kgf and 500kgf)

  • Improvement of mast structure and other major assemblies on Schramm Fury 130 mining rig (pullback of 59,000kgf)

The Team

The director works together with a highly qualified team that is contracted when needed. All contractors have 10+ years of experience in their field of expertise.
This keeps the company lean on one hand, however, ensures that RASCE can handle bigger projects or tighter delivery dates. Feel free to discuss your specific deadlines with us in case special priority must be given to your tasks.


Our Strengths

RAS Creative Engineering Pty Ltd is a small business. Typically, as with other small businesses, we can act and react much faster than other companies. Our experience in heavy fabrication such as in drilling or transport helps us to find practical solutions fast that can be easily executed.

Due to our contacts, we are generally able to expedite urgent jobs faster if required.

We design and calculate the concepts and products according to Australian Standards, any other relevant standards.

We are proud that our designs are thoroughly designed and calculated. We believe in what we do because of the following:

  • We design and calculate our concepts thoroughly. Often this means that we calculate solutions by hand (conventional) as well as with the computer (FEA).

  • Our design certifications do not expire. A good design does not expire as long as ongoing maintenance is done on the product and wear and tear is managed well.

  • We believe that our drawings are as clear as possible. However, if there are questions we can liaise with the supplier directly to improve our documentation.

  • Also, we are willing to visit your supplier to discuss fabrication issues, tolerances or other problems you could experience during the fabrication process. Small issues can arise during the fabrication, assembly and testing process, however, we, RAS Creative Engineering, ensure that we can support you to the end of the assembly and testing process should the customer require this support.

  • Once the product is built and tested we review the design and adjust the documentation to reduce cost further for the future.


Our Insurance

Our Professional Indemnity currently covers a total aggregate of AUD 4,000,000 while our Public Liability covers AUD 20,000,000. Copies of those documents can be supplied if requested.

RASCE is able to provide the described work above globally except for the USA and Canada.

Professional Memberships:

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