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RAS Creative Engineering does supply typically items such as shown below. Some larger projects are not listed below because of IP conflicts.

Other projects that we have done are listed below:

  • Mud mixing sloop (hands-free)

  • Redesign of drill rig base, including stress calculations of structure and bolts, the centre of gravity for the department of transport, minimising cost and reducing weight.

  • Auxiliary truck for booster and compressor

  • Jib boom verifications

  • Walkway verifications

  • Gearbox assessment

  • Slips table change on existing drill rig

  • Cooler exchange on existing drill rig

  • Rod trough amendments to suit into existing drill rig

  • Control box redesigns

  • Transport frames

  • Ceramic-lined feed chamber with safe lifting

To the pictures below:
Most of the pictures below show an overlay of the 3D model and the FEA calculation to this model. RAS Creative Engineering will always verify their design concepts before making drawings to guarantee safe operations and no additional time loss.

Skip Bin Loader
Working Load Limit ('WLL') 19,000kg

Verification of a 4,000 litre mud tank

Jib booms
Experience between 200kg to 8,000kg WLL

Verification transport frame

Walkways and access platforms for personnel (generally 150 to 300kg WLL)

Self folding platforms on side of auxiliary trucks or drill rigs can be designed too.

Platforms for material handling (WLL up to 60,000kg)

Bulkhead with integrated whip checks

Whip check bolted to attach to existing structure (welded also possible)

Lifting lugs and lifting equipment (WLL up to 60,000kg)

Substructure base (without platform) 60,000kg WLL

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