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Bill Gardner
General Manager - Bunbury Drilling Company

We got to know Roger well through his previous work as the engineering manager on a new rig and pipe handler purchase we made when we upgraded our water well fleet. When Roger started his own design company called RAS Creative Engineering, I knew that this was an opportunity to create a new R&D project that I had had on my mind for quite some time. The idea was to design and build a sloop specifically to our requirements. This new sloop will decrease our setup and pack up times massively. It also significantly reduces safety hazards and makes work for our employees simpler. The sloop design is now complete and we have moved to the manufacturing phase. RAS Creative Engineering continues to be involved in this process to ensure that we get the right product with the right quality.

It is crucial to BDC to have an independent engineering company working alongside us to reduce our own risk and to protect our intellectual property. RAS Creative Engineering provides creative design solutions to BDC, and we can trust his design verifications. We rely on RASCE and know that our IP is in safe hands.

Justin Brown
Operations & Sales Manager - Ox Engineering


Having worked closely with Roger in a previous OEM role for nearly seven years, we continued our working relationship when I started my next employment chapter. Since Roger created his new RAS Creative Engineering business, the working relationship has strengthened and given us the ability to lean and rely on a company with extensive drill rig and equipment experience, capable of providing a complete engineering solution.

RAS Creative Engineering is a great partner for us, ensuring that we have excellent engineering support for both special projects and at times when our engineering department is occupied on other projects. We are extremely confident with RASCE and can rely and trust their drawings, calculations and technical engineering support.

Timothy Few
Chief Executive Officer - Metzke


Metzke and Schramm worked together for many years. When Roger was still at Schramm, he helped Metzke redesign the MB 550 breakout to fit into the existing 685 and the even more compact 450 masts. This improvement was the reason why Schramm's latest mast designs generally use MB 550 breakouts which we think are the best available breakouts in the market for RC drill rigs.
Metzke contracted RAS Creative Engineering when we worked on an improved rotary head. We designed a concept and then asked RASCE to evaluate and comment to improve the design further if required. RAS Creative Engineering provided valuable feedback to increase our bearings' lifetime and improve the sealing concept at the top and bottom of the rotary head. We, at Metzke, know that we have increased the product lifetime quite significantly with those improvements.

We have used RAS Creative Engineering to validate that our design thoughts were correct and improve our design even further. RASCE showed a great level of detail and explained their findings to be simple to understand. RAS Creative Engineering’s past experience with gearboxes was certainly helpful for Metzke in this task. We would definitely contact RASCE again in the future to discuss bearing and gearbox problems or anything else where we need solutions to complex technical issues.

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